Airport Girl


Airport Girl : Slow Light (Fortuna Pop!)

Going through the first 2001 album “Honey I’m an Artist”, I had the feeling the band really sounded great despite not having a recognizable style, a little like a multi-fruit tart…with highly-selected fruits! This feeling is reinforced today with the very long awaited 2nd essay “Slow Light” released early 2007 on Fortuna Pop! (actually the label – one of the best around for sure- is owned by bass player Sean Price).

Although the whole taste is quite homogeneous and self-sustaining, with a very present alt-country stamp, each tune on its own is like a revised cut-and-paste extract of your own discography : Pastels, Felt, the Loft, Comet Gain, Always, The Hit Parade…with really really enchanting moments... Highlights are “Don’t let me down again”, “The Weather Song”, “Twice around the Bay”, “Show me the Way” and “Bullfighting”. Need to be a part of YOUR discography! Buy it HERE or HERE.


è Airport Girl : “Bullfighting”

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