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The Sproutts : "Plutons" (Auto-produced)

Planet Pluto is no more: that was one of last year’s saddest news! But planet Sproutts is there for us!! Discovered two years ago with their shining debut “Flying out of the Machine”, New Zealanders’ reappearance, with this freshly auto-produced album “Plutons”, is a 90° turning in their career orbit : vintage instruments on the rocks, vocal harmonies à gogo and ready-to-eat creamy melodies…a  truly exciting identified object, somewhere between Weezers’ catchy hooks  and a convulsing Pinback…



Small talk with singer / multi-instrumentist Chris :


-How do you explain less than 50 persons attended some of your recent N-Z gigs?

 NZ is quite small and the population is quite spread-out. So, sometimes it can be difficult to get a following in a city other than where you live. If there's another similar, more prominant, band playing the same night as your gig, it can eat into your audience numbers. There weren't many people at our Auckland gig. I think David Kilgour was playing that night. Also, when you're independent, it can sometimes be difficult to promote your gig in another city. Generally we get a decent crowd in Wellington though.

As an auto-released band, how difficult is it for you to get played or hosted on N-Z radio shows?

Plutons has been doing quite well so far. We've been quite luck really. Most student radio stations have been supportive. National Radio and Kiwi FM have also been fantastic. We don't tend to bother with mainstream radio.

-What has changed in the N-Z indie scene today and where the hell is that golden nunesque paradise gone?

The New Zealand music industy has grown hugely in the past decade. So there's a whole lot more crap than there used to be. It's mostly driven by making money and copying what's been successful in the UK or USA, rather than doing anything original. It's sad and makes it hard to find the really good indie stuff. BUT THE GOOD STUFF DOES STILL EXIST. You just have to look a little harder. Wellington (and New Zealand) has an amzing indie scene. Try checking out Vorn, MarineVille, the Reduction Agents (Auckland), Onanon (Dunedin), Peneloping, the Airports. And most of the old bands from the golden era are still around anyway. We've played gigs with the Bats and Chris Knox- they're still rocking.

-Your sound has clearly evolved to a richer synthetic texture. Which vintage keyboards did you bring over?

We have a Korg microsynth, various Yamaha portasounds from the 1980s, a Casio CT-70 from the 1980s. We've also got a Lucidtone Optical Theremin pedal, which makes most of the crazy space-ship type sounds on Plutons. It's hard to say at this point whether the new direction in our sound is permanent or temporary- I guess we'll find out in a year or so.

-Now you reached the Plutons, didn't you again neglect to ensure you had enough fuel for the back flight?

 We didn't carry fuel for the return journey. However, I am starting to write some snippets in my tiny one-bedroom spaceship. I figure that if I can generate about 40 snippets, that will be enough to get us back to Earth, by which time the snippets will have evolved into songs and we'll be ready for another album.

Finally, I'd like to say hello to all your bloggers in Belgium and the rest of Europe. Hopefully we can get over to see you one day!


Thanks to Chris and Charlikiwi


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