Perfect Zebras


Perfect Zebras : Zebra (Polydor 1983)

Perfect Zebras made two albums. They were just another haughty "synth-pop" band amongst many many others. Nobody wants to remember them. However Paul Robertson, like Mark Hollis, was a prodigious and exceptionnaly gifted songwriter...I'm claiming a compulsory rehabilitation !!! 

==> Perfect Zebras : Close to my Side

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Hi hi, i visit your blog very often but i just note that you doesnt have changed the link to my blog (Pop Music).
The link that you have is not working anymore.
Could you please change it? Thanks.
See ya.

Écrit par : Bpop | 22/03/2007

The track is only 21 seconds when I download it???

Écrit par : Dansmoncafe | 22/03/2007

It works now =) Great song, love that kind of style, thanks!

Écrit par : Dansmoncafe | 22/03/2007

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