Cats on Fire


Cats on Fire : The Province complains (Marsh Marigold)


Our new fave Finnish band -since their unsurpassed 2006 EP « Draw in the Reins »- (pleaaase Ultrasport, don’t be offended, still deeply in love with you too!!) has released its debut full length!!!! To be dead right, it’s ABOUT to be soon officially released but already available through Marsh Marigold shop and Indiepages.

The 3 first EP songs are attending, in a slightly revised arrangement, more polished, more gentle but not too much, with weightless guitars and cleaner-cut organs, as far as “The Smell of an Artist” is concerned. The rest of the bunch is surprisingly more down-beat, alternating between blooming ballads and deep poignant melodies…the more you dig, the more you want to stay in the hole…Let’s bury ourselves!!!

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