Butcher Boy


Butcher Boy : Profit in your Poetry ( How Does It Feel To Be Loved)

This summer hour-switch is a horrible thing, weakening my delicate biological stability... Is the purpose to gain a bit of energy or to participate to continued development? Well I’m not in an energetic mood at all and my brain has never been so underdeveloped than tonight!

Let’s forget those pure self-centred considerations and have a look at what springtime is bringing us from the Glasgow shelf again…10 songs, 30 minutes, more than enough to realize – after many listens - that Butcher Boy has this kind of acute pop vision, this fine songwriting supported by razzle-dazzle jangling guitars, fantastic lyrics and such a unique eerie voice…...Lloyd Cole! Remember? Are you ready to be heartbroken? Profit in their poetry!

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==> "Profit in your Poetry"

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what a shame...looks like this link is dead.

Écrit par : anon | 24/05/2007

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