Anne Bacheley


Anne Bacheley : Station Life EP (Mimikaki)

Anne Bacheley, despite her anglicized « y » name-ending, is a pure and undiluted “Made in France” product. Well, in her case, “product” is the most disrespectful and incongruous term to use! She’s foremost a multi-talented confidential artist: photographs, illustrations, fanzines, music…Here we come…clumsy easy music ?...DIY bedroom pop ?...maybe… but above all, cute lil’ poppy songs, far more sophisticated than their light dressing leads to suppose…with perceptible K records / C86-era influences. ”Station Life” EP is available HERE, 60 numbered copies left (out of 133!), with a brilliantly illustrated booklet …do not lose too much time!!


=> Anne Bacheley : "Drive in the Dark"

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