Stars in Coma


Stars in Coma : Transformation 3" EP (Cloudberry Records)

This is the brand new single from Swedish one-man band Stars in Coma and it’s ace, the same kind of immediate warm feeling you’ve got when listening to The Embassy or Jens Lekman !! The guy – André Brorsson- already released bunches of great songs notably for “Music is my Girlfriend” and “Action Pop!” labels.


==> Stars in Coma : Transformation


A word on this new label: Cloudberry Records is based in Miami Florida and is run by Roque (known from Plastilina Records and Mirà el Pendulo teams). The original idea of the label is to rehabilitate the 3 inch CD single with jangly releases every month from all over the world in only 100 hand-numbered copies, making them instantly collectable objects! Previous releases only include great bands: Celestial, Apple Orchard, Horowitz, Summer Cats and you can expect more precious mini-CD's to come…

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AH oui !

André est fantastique ! Mon suédois préféré :)

I saw my heart, Life without the community, Synchronized, etc...

Écrit par : Eric | 10/04/2007

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