Indonesian top 10


From Jakarta to Bandung and Jogyakarta, a wave of fresh – post tsunami - air seems to blow on Java Island...

1) Mocca, the best Indie-nesian band in the world ! New album very soon !

2) Astrolab, the most Sarahesque Indonesian band in the world. Great 3"CD on Cloudberry !

3) Annemarie, the tweeest Indonesian band in the world ! Stunning new LP !

4) Goodnight Electric, the best synth-pop Indonesian band in the world !

5) Ballads of the Cliche, the folkiest Indonesian band in the world ! Just discovered their 2004 Smiley EP

6) White Shoes and thee Couples Company, the easiest listenable Indonesian band in the world ! Collaborating on the next Orwell album !!

7) The Monophones, the most retro-modern Indonesian band in the world !

8) Stereomantic, the most electro romantic Indonesian band in the world !

9) 1900 yersterday, the most DIY Indonesian band in the world !

10) A Slice of Lemon, the most mysterious Indenosian band in the world !

Bonus) Sore, the most anachronic Indonesian band in the world

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Today is the day I discovered Goodnight Electric!
thank you for this.

Écrit par : Gee | 13/04/2007

Great scene in Indonesia!!!

Écrit par : geeks | 14/04/2007

goodnight electric is synth pop???
i would rather choose "abadkatrowave" for the best indonesian synthpop!!! hehehe

Écrit par : joz | 25/04/2007

great indie scene in indonesia has a good evolution..
you cant imagine how the music here are totally climb up!
i admit it.

Écrit par : frantics | 05/05/2007

astrolab is the beautiful band who makes a beautiful sound..

Écrit par : udhy | 09/05/2007

keep the good work for all indie band indonesia

Écrit par : udhy | 09/05/2007

I agree with you joz !!!!
abadkatrowave is the best indonesian synthpop!!!

Écrit par : ncut | 13/09/2007

yep abadkatrowave. yeahhh..
they too good.

Écrit par : udhy | 17/09/2007

its great music!

Écrit par : Oliver | 19/09/2007

hello, have any myspace URLfor annemarie?

Écrit par : VIRGO | 24/04/2008

astrolab is great!!
http://www.poptaste.com for indonesian indie music infos

Écrit par : egi | 11/06/2008

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