Ted Leo and the Pharmacists


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists : Living with the Living+Bonus EP (Touch and Go)

Listening to a new Ted Leo album is always a very peculiar experience… From the initial “Why the hell did I buy this ?”, which process leads us to the final “ Can’t stop playing it !” ? This kind of uncommon way he has to bury an emotion under layers of heavy riffs and to lastly procure a thrill while shouting head off must be a part of the answer… Stylewise, he’s again true to himself, sweeping up the frontiers between powerpop, punk, heavy metal and dub... Ted Leo must be one of today’s conquering music heroes. And…like a miracle… this is the first Ted Leo album directly available in my very own country ever! (thanks PIAS).


==> Ted Leo and the Pharmacists : "Old Souls know"

==> Buy it HERE

==> "Who do you love" Live solo video

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