Mixtapes and Cellmates


Mixtapes and Cellmates : S/T LP (Nomethod Records)

Notwist, Postal Service, Mrs John Soda… in this non-exhaustive list of your favourite electro-organic melancholic pop bands, please do not forget Swedish quintet Mixtapes & Cellmates… Launched in February with the single “Quiet”, their first eponym album is out on Nomethod Records (Aerial, Bear Quartet). Although being shoegaze-tagged, their sound is less distinctive than their fellow countrymen Radio Dept., with an occasional tendency to upbeat it à la New Order (Like Something worth remembering, Moments) or to wreck all saturated walls (Streetlights saved my Life, I left, The better Half…). Very enjoyable and heterogeneous work…


ð     Mixtapes and Cellmates : Quiet

ð     Buy the album HERE

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