the faintest ideas


the faintest ideas : your imaginary bullets really hurt EP (hhbtm)

Releasing for Asaurus, HHBTM, Yellow Mica, Magic Marker and Music is my Girlfriend is a performance achieved by only one band in the universe: The Faintest Ideas formerly known as The Javelins!!! And gosh they’re prolific!!! This EP is another follow up to their album on Magic Marker and it is part of the HHBTM EP club series (150 copies worldwide). Again, the Swedish boys are true to their original trademark with six orgasmaddictive speedy-jangly-noisy-punky tunes, in the vein of TVP’s, Sarandon or Boyracer…


faintest => the faintest ideas : another sunny day

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Superflu : La chance (Top 5 Records)


Qu’ils sont lointains les airs moroses que l’on pouvait se donner du haut de nos quarts de siècle au son de « Dieu que cette nuit est belle ». Déjà on évoquait les rides et les cheveux blancs, puis aussi nos peines, nos rêves,  les heures perdues et nos secrets…

Le vide est de retour. Quelle bonne nouvelle ! « Où étais-tu quand je pensais t’avoir perdu ? » interroge Nicolas Falez ! Et toi, t’étais où dis, hein ? Les rides, elles sont plus profondes…les cheveux blancs dissimulés…les peines ont débarqué avec les croque-morts …les rêves ont pris forme dans les mains de sage-femmes …on court derrière les heures perdues et nos secrets, on finit par les partager …

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Mixtapes and Cellmates


Mixtapes and Cellmates : S/T LP (Nomethod Records)

Notwist, Postal Service, Mrs John Soda… in this non-exhaustive list of your favourite electro-organic melancholic pop bands, please do not forget Swedish quintet Mixtapes & Cellmates… Launched in February with the single “Quiet”, their first eponym album is out on Nomethod Records (Aerial, Bear Quartet). Although being shoegaze-tagged, their sound is less distinctive than their fellow countrymen Radio Dept., with an occasional tendency to upbeat it à la New Order (Like Something worth remembering, Moments) or to wreck all saturated walls (Streetlights saved my Life, I left, The better Half…). Very enjoyable and heterogeneous work…


ð     Mixtapes and Cellmates : Quiet

ð     Buy the album HERE

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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists : Living with the Living+Bonus EP (Touch and Go)

Listening to a new Ted Leo album is always a very peculiar experience… From the initial “Why the hell did I buy this ?”, which process leads us to the final “ Can’t stop playing it !” ? This kind of uncommon way he has to bury an emotion under layers of heavy riffs and to lastly procure a thrill while shouting head off must be a part of the answer… Stylewise, he’s again true to himself, sweeping up the frontiers between powerpop, punk, heavy metal and dub... Ted Leo must be one of today’s conquering music heroes. And…like a miracle… this is the first Ted Leo album directly available in my very own country ever! (thanks PIAS).


==> Ted Leo and the Pharmacists : "Old Souls know"

==> Buy it HERE

==> "Who do you love" Live solo video

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Indietracks Festival



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Indonesian top 10


From Jakarta to Bandung and Jogyakarta, a wave of fresh – post tsunami - air seems to blow on Java Island...

1) Mocca, the best Indie-nesian band in the world ! New album very soon !

2) Astrolab, the most Sarahesque Indonesian band in the world. Great 3"CD on Cloudberry !

3) Annemarie, the tweeest Indonesian band in the world ! Stunning new LP !

4) Goodnight Electric, the best synth-pop Indonesian band in the world !

5) Ballads of the Cliche, the folkiest Indonesian band in the world ! Just discovered their 2004 Smiley EP

6) White Shoes and thee Couples Company, the easiest listenable Indonesian band in the world ! Collaborating on the next Orwell album !!

7) The Monophones, the most retro-modern Indonesian band in the world !

8) Stereomantic, the most electro romantic Indonesian band in the world !

9) 1900 yersterday, the most DIY Indonesian band in the world !

10) A Slice of Lemon, the most mysterious Indenosian band in the world !

Bonus) Sore, the most anachronic Indonesian band in the world

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Stars in Coma


Stars in Coma : Transformation 3" EP (Cloudberry Records)

This is the brand new single from Swedish one-man band Stars in Coma and it’s ace, the same kind of immediate warm feeling you’ve got when listening to The Embassy or Jens Lekman !! The guy – André Brorsson- already released bunches of great songs notably for “Music is my Girlfriend” and “Action Pop!” labels.


==> Stars in Coma : Transformation


A word on this new label: Cloudberry Records is based in Miami Florida and is run by Roque (known from Plastilina Records and Mirà el Pendulo teams). The original idea of the label is to rehabilitate the 3 inch CD single with jangly releases every month from all over the world in only 100 hand-numbered copies, making them instantly collectable objects! Previous releases only include great bands: Celestial, Apple Orchard, Horowitz, Summer Cats and you can expect more precious mini-CD's to come…

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Camera Obscura Live 07/04/07

CameraObscura 007


Antwerp. Belgium. 07/04/2007. It’s 11:15 pm and the Glaswegians are quietly arriving on stage as opening act for “I don’t know which local band”… Tracyanne and Carey are so splendid in their vintage dresses, and…yeah, it’s Kid Frànçois himself taking part of the show with his woollen socks WAW!!!! Such a miraculous moment in itself!!! The set is barely started that the audience - 100 people whereof 80 obviously even don’t have any clue on who’s playing - is disrespectfully mumbling without any break, a real shame I must say!! But the band is not taking any grudge of it and the 11 songs-set (see original tracklist below) is a really professional and accomplished one, mostly driven by tracks from the latest album, highlights being “Lloyd I’m ready to be heartbroken” and “Teenager”. I only realized today Camera Obscura has survived John Henderson’s departure…


TracklistCameraObscuraOriginal Antwerp Tracklist - Courtesy of Cynthia


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Quand la ville se tait

F. Marchet : Rio Baril

« Quand la ville s’endort, pas de quartier louche… » roucoule Florent Marchet. Il parle de Rio Baril, une ville forcément bien fréquentée…on y croise Eric Arnaud le garagiste, Arnaud Cathrine le vétérinaire, Philippe Katerine le patron du Louxor, Charles Fréger le photographe, Dominique A, homme politique proche de l’horizon et la fanfare locale, le Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra…

Sebmartel : Motus

Mais est-ce une ville ou la campagne ? City or Country ? « Coitry ? » Les deux à la fois semble nous rétorquer l’unique et inclassable Sebmartel. « Les mots mordent, les mots tuent… » comme en témoigne « Motus » en guise d’ouverture…


D. Lafore : Bouche fermée
Justement, motus et bouche cousue,  « bouche fermée, bouche clouée, bouche à clefs, bouche scellée, bouche claquemurée… », c’est heureusement ce que le maître du phrasé ludique, David Lafore, s’abstient de faire dans son dernier opus « II » à la fois abrasif, tendre, déprimant, railleur et grave…

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Anne Bacheley


Anne Bacheley : Station Life EP (Mimikaki)

Anne Bacheley, despite her anglicized « y » name-ending, is a pure and undiluted “Made in France” product. Well, in her case, “product” is the most disrespectful and incongruous term to use! She’s foremost a multi-talented confidential artist: photographs, illustrations, fanzines, music…Here we come…clumsy easy music ?...DIY bedroom pop ?...maybe… but above all, cute lil’ poppy songs, far more sophisticated than their light dressing leads to suppose…with perceptible K records / C86-era influences. ”Station Life” EP is available HERE, 60 numbered copies left (out of 133!), with a brilliantly illustrated booklet …do not lose too much time!!


=> Anne Bacheley : "Drive in the Dark"

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