Trembling Blue Stars


Trembling Blue Stars : The Last Holy Writer (Elefant)


This is not the latest Dead Can Dance in-the-mix album! This is Bobby Wratten’s return! Should we say resurrection? 2003 TBS’ departure from Shinkansen undeniably left place for less convincing and semi-deceiving essays on Elefant / Bar None so I was not expecting that much from this hypothetical sixth album and…huh… I was totally wrong!


Which supernatural act led Bobby to an inspirational mood again? Don’t have any clue but the melancholic beauty here is more touching than ever – especially on the first half of the bunch -, supported by synths, sequencers, drum machines, caressing guitars, unchanged Bobby’s sweet teddy boy’s voice and Beth’s superb deep backings (or mains). Besides the duo, band line-up is still involving the same people: Jonathan Akerman on drums, Keris Howard (Brighter-Harper lee) on bass and Ian Catt (St Etienne) at production…


Bodywork is voluntarily 80’s/90's -stamped, with some Factory Records and Shoegazing recalls, leading to a dark and profound contemplation overall feeling, making this album almost sound like an immediate successor to their great 2001 essay “Alive to every Smile”.


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