Love Dance


Love Dance : Result (Marsh Marigold)

Until not so long ago, it was obvious for me the Marsh-Marigold golden years were behind us, gathering secretly in those memories and starting to collect all missing catalogue numbers from the cult German label ….


So what happened exactly during the last months in Hamburg? Did the Blessed Virgin appear? I mean, a record like Cats on Fire’s “The Province Complains” can be called a miracle but now, listening to this Love Dance’s “Result”…2 miracles can’t occur at the same time !!!! If we follow the well-attested rule, can we expect a third one with “This Year’s Model” album to be released next month and establish Hamburg as a new pilgrimage place?…Why this spectacular MM comeback after so many years lethargy? Any clue on this ?

Let’s go back to Love Dance: no sensational new sound to expect here, the Norwegians are sticking to this 90’s Scandinavian guitar pop sound, part of the early MM tradition (Acid House Kings, Seashells, Poprace) : light & elegant arrangements, pleasant male/female vocals, soothing and graceful melodies, innocent lyrics…Excellentissima !!!

==> Love Dance : Losing Faith

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