1. The Camera loves Me

 2. Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook


(The Camera loves Me 7" - él records - 1988)




The story of  the Would-Be-Goods is made of come and go. Formed in 1987 by Singapore-raised Jessica Griffin and integrated in Mike Always’ él stalls, the band released its debut single “Fruit Paradise” in 1987, followed in 88 by second cult 7” and parent LP  “The Camera Loves me”, an essay without which "Kahimi Karie would never have existed"…  The WBG’s weren’t actually a band at the time but more Jessica and her sister Miranda on their own, backed by The Monochrome Set !! Enigmatic, sophisticated and evocative guitar pop, instituting Jessica Griffin as the spiritual heiress of Alison Statton and Amelia Fletcher…


 1. Emmanuelle Béart

 2. Je lèche les vitrines

 3. Everybody wants my Baby

 4. Words

(Emmanuelle Béart CDEP - Matinée - 2001)



After leaving the music industry and a brief 93 incursion on the Japanese market (Mondo album on Japanese label Trattoria), Jessica only reappeared in 2001 with the great comeback single “Emmanuelle Béart” on Matinée, notably joined by former Heavenly guitarist Peter Momtchiloff and former Monochrome Set keyboardist Orson Presence. Since then, the band has known several line-up changes and has released 2 highly recommendable albums (Brief Lives 2002 and The Morning After 2004) on Matinée / Fortuna Pop!

13 years between those 2 sleeves,

No Miranda anymore…

Jessica facing the mirror…

A bunch of new songs to be released soon and, in the meantime, Would-Be-Goods are playing the odd show, mainly in London, so stay informed at their Myspace page...

Would-Be-Goods are more important than ever...

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they were very good (c'est tout)

Écrit par : mk | 21/05/2007

Wow, only great stuff on your radioblog, especially those frenchies !

Écrit par : Nils | 22/05/2007

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