Frànçois is French but lives in Bristol where he found a new home and a lot of mates. François is not making trip-hop. Frànçois’ music is the essence of pop. Frànçois was part of the latest Camera Obscura tour band. Frànçois is writing and singing his tiny stories in Frànglish. Frànçois is multi-instumentist, painter and vidéaste. Frànçois’ voice is marginal and fragile. Frànçois’ homemade website is a place where to be delayed for some time. François likes to tour a lot. Frànçois" new album "Brother" is out very very soon. François is to be seen in a city near you in June and July...check the dates HERE





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Mince il a oublié Paris :(

Écrit par : Pierre-Laurent | 09/06/2007

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