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Watoo Watoo : La fuite (Letterbox records) - Official release 11/06/07

Michaël Korchia is a photographer, marketing searcher/professor, Serge Gainsbourg's mailing list webmaster, and musician...but all Michaël's friends will beg you not to give him any guitar cos' he's a "very bad player". Maybe that's also because they're a bit jealous of his songwriting skills... During the last 12 years (wow), the guy has indeed highly contributed to French indiepop nobility with both his bands Watoo Watoo and Mumbly, having collaborated with such labels as Clover Records, Marsh-Marigold, Shelflife, Radio Khartoum or Le Grand Magistery...

A few months that we were awaiting this long-delayed new album, first expected on Skipping Stones and finally released on Letterbox Records (California Snow Story, Morning Bride, The Arrogants,...) ! From n°1 to n°11 hits, Watoo Watoo's previous natural Felt-esque and bossa/indiepop songwriting abilities, have now been wrapped in  a fancy production and completed with many other influences : jazz hints (Si tu me crois), 70's funk (lpb) + an epic last trip-pop trip (Un ami)...and yeah, I almost forgot...Pascale's voice has never been so beautiful...

Let's have a chat with Michaël about all this and more :


How are you feeling several days before the official release of the album ?
I'm feeling... flat.
I just hope that some people will review the album, that some will buy it, that the label won't lose money &... that our listeners will be happy.

Supposing “La fuite” is not a commercial success...
This is quite likely. Of course, it depends on your definition of success. Does it mean to break even, to sell 1 000 copies, or more, to be played on tv & so on?

...can you count on your marketing students to find the way to drastically increase the sales?

Yes, I will force them to buy the record!
Nope, actually, they have a very bad teacher, so don't expect them to be good at this kind of work.

How did you come across Letterbox Records? Have you had “family” contacts with California Snow Story or Morning Bride ?
We first found another label but they had to let us down because of financial difficulties. Then I met David from CSS (great band) via myspace & he talked to me about Letterbox Records. Two or 3 weeks later, I signed a contract with this young, exciting label!


I read you made 2 live appearances this year, which is rather unsuspected. Any chance to see Watoo Watoo live again soon outside Bordeaux ?
It's not so easy because we're quite old now, both of us have a job, & we have 2 children. But if you have a good place to make us play, we're interested, as long as we can be sure that there'll be more people in the crowd than on the stage.

How is Bordeaux nightlife nowadays? Do you miss Paris?
I don't miss Paris except for gigs (I couldn't see Belle and Sebastian last time they played, & I will miss Dean & Britta & Lou Reed in june). Pascale doesn't miss Paris except for job opportunities. But Bordeaux is a beautiful city, I love it: http://www.watoowatoo.net/photo/bordeaux

Your other band Mumbly, who signed a record on Marsh Marigold label in 1997, has never split up! Can we expect new stuff in the next months/years? What are Pierre and Aurore latest news?
We started recording a 5 songs ep in 1998. It's almost finished (it was also almost finished in 2001, though). I'll try to finish it this summer. Oliver from MM was interested in releasing it but he wanted to go for a CDlp instead of a ep. It's not easy because Pierre still lives in Paris. Aurore's been living in Bordeaux for 3 years at least but I have only seen her 3 times since she's here!

Anything more you’d like to say to Pop’n Cherries readers ?
Don't hesitate to click "Commentaire" below & to write what you think about us :).

==> Pre-order the album HERE

==> "Perdu" ==> "La rue d'avant"

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merci j-m :)

Écrit par : mk | 02/06/2007

Well, I for one have been waiting with bated breath for this album and cant wait to hear it. One of the first people I came across on myspace was Micheal and he was welcoming and helpful. I thought " if all the musicians on myspace are this good then what a place Ive found". As it turned out Watoo Watoo were and are one of the best bands on myspace so I consider myself very lucky to have found then right from the start.
Its been a long while for the album but I bet anything it will have been worth the wait.

Écrit par : Lee | 11/06/2007

little name Lee - thanks for your nice comment. I could tell you exactly the same thing, you know it!
JM: check little name page, the songs are great (there are 4 'new' pop bands I discovered through myspace, that I love a lot (in alphabetical order): the airfields, the castavettes (RIP), little name, & tibi lubin.

Écrit par : mk | 13/06/2007

Little Name Yeah you're damn true, Michael ! I came accross Lee music almost 1 year back on Indiepages "Demo" section and I can't stop listening to it since then. I even elected Little Name best new act of 2006 !

Écrit par : Jean-Michel | 13/06/2007

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