A Young Person's Guide to Compact


A Young Person's Guide to Compact (The Compact Org. 1982 - LTM 2007)

Tot Taylor and the Compact Organization are integral enigmas to me. First of all, Tot himself, with his very conservative teacher appearance, his traditional style and his musical inclinations for American Standards, how could such a guy be the initiator of one of the most innovative pop label of the post-punk period ? Secondly, The Organization itself, how could such a bunch of different and antagonist figures as girl spy Virna Lindt, rock-lobster piece Shake/Shake, diva singer Cynthia Scott, Loungey dandy Tot and beehive 60's singing barbie Mari Wilson form such a perfect and consistent artistic entity ?

Subtitled "The ready-to-hear collection", this "Young Person's Guide to Compact", one of my all time favourite comp, is exactly what it's all about, kitsch chamber pop, trivial easy listening, perpetual anachronism...25 years after its original release and 18 years after a confidential CD release in Japan, here it is at last for a very decent price, disintered for you by LTM ...


Here they are too, the 2 albums from our dearest nordic model agent Virna Lindt...Shiver (1983) is a splendid masterpiece, somewhere between John Barry and chic 60's spy series...Play/Record (1985) is more narrative, orchestral, and  a lil' more anchored in 80's europop sound ... Fantastic re-releases !!!

==> Virna Lindt : "Young and Hip" (exclusive single from "A Young Person's Guide to Compact" - non album track)

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