Cloetta Paris

Case made and big thanks to Valerie Dore...

Cloetta Paris : I miss you Someone

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Sally Shapiro's return ?

Écrit par : Jaime | 22/06/2007

Magnificent!!!! Another awesome song from Sally Shapiro! ("(-_-)/")

Écrit par : mike | 28/06/2007

Oooooh pay attention, this looks like Sally but it is not !
Johan (Sally) and Roger (Cloetta) are inspiring each other but are not the same persons !!
Actually, Roger wrote a song especially for Sally and it will be released on an EP the following winter...

Écrit par : Jean-Michel | 28/06/2007

Sorry dude ... I realized this after I left the blog. When I first saw what looked like the gal (vocalist?) on the front cover of Sally Shapiro's "Disco Romance" CD, I quickly clicked on and listen to the track (I know I should of read the details first) ... After that, I left the comment. Anyway, thanks for the "schooling". Can't wait to hear the song Roger wrote; he's an excellant song writer ... I Absolutely love Nixon. I love Sally Shapiro's cover of Anorak Christmas.

Écrit par : Mike | 29/06/2007

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