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Cloetta Paris : I miss you someone (2007)              Sally Shapiro’s twin sister

The Lodger : Let Her go ! (2007)                            Leeds indiepoppers’ LP out on on Slumberland!

My Little Airport : Gi gi Leung is dead (2005)         Classic from long time H-K faves, reedited on Elefant

Doggy : Les petits parcours (2007)                          Great demo from anorak pop French ambassadors  

Ercola feat Annie : Follow me (2007)                      A Major club Hit !!!

Virna Lindt : Shiver (1983)                                      Our dearest ice blonde model agent at last on CD

California Snow Story : You set the Scene (2007)   Stunning comeback from the glaswegians on Letterbox

The Marshmallow Kisses : My dear giant (2005)      Another long time H-K favourite

Moral : The Aerage Life (1983)                               80’s Minimal Elektro from the cult Flexipop comps

M Charivari : Références (2007)                              Brussels golden boy vs Jérôme(Orwell)& Armelle (Holden)

Cradle of Smurf : Nouille drove (2007)                    French duo. Starts like Grauzone, finishes like Add N to X

Tot Taylor : Living in Legoland (1981)                    From “A Young Person’s Guide to Compact” on LTM

Friday Bridge : Love and Nostalgia (2007)              How we want pop music to be...

Alexandra : Solenzara (1968)                                 Alexandra's hypnotic velvet voice...

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