Invisible Twin


Each and every one of us surely has an invisible twin somewhere on Earth. Mine is living somewhere in Kashmir. How do I know this ? I feel it. Need to go there one day...

Bollocks ! Invisible Twin is the name of a delicate pop duo (Rose and Mario - ex Shoestrings -1994/1999 - of Le Grand Magistery fame) that is going to release its debut album this autumn on ... Le Grand Magistery. I heard them for the first time on "A Very Magistery Valentine" comp early this year with this "Best Kept Secret" song and I must say I'm conquered by the songs on their Myspace too, so we'll keep an eye on them, promised !!!

There's only one girl I want to hold, and it's you, why can't I tell you ?

==> Invisible Twin : Best Kept Secret



Retro Bonus from the wonderful "Wishing on Planes" Shoestrings album (1997 - Le Grand Magistery), which, despite being very sarah-guitar orientated, owns some "Invisible Twin" forewarning moments like this one :

==> Shoestrings : Timeline

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