Michael Dracula


Michael Dracula : In the Red (Ze Records)

ZE records was established in NY from 1978 till 1986 by British-born Michael Zilkha (Z) and French-born Michel Esteban (E) and featured a bunch of arty NY-based artists integrating the essence of local predilection genres post-punk, avant-garde and disco, all reunified under the term “No wave”


Since its Parisian regeneration by Esteban in 2003, the label has concentrated in reediting its back-catalog including Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Cristina, James White and some reference compilations like Mutant Disco. In addition to this, ZE also reedited the full catalog of french pop icon Lio for our entire – not dissimulated - satisfaction...


ZE is now going a little further with its first proper release since more than 20 years and the result is beyond all opulent expectations!!!! Michael Dracula, fronted by Scottish-woman Emily Mac Laren, is more than a band perpetuating the “ZE sound”! Michael Dracula is literally hitting our minds with these abrasive and wild sound textures running over note’s sequences, not in the “experimentation” sense but in the “design” meaning, instituting the song as real work of art. The whole bunch is quite listener-friendly though : rhythm guitars coupled with metronomic beats, old-timey saloon pianos and Farfiza organs, nearly-psychobilly guitars plus Emily’s atonal mesmerizing voice. The real ZE new departure in this 21st Century…


==> Michael Dracula : In the Red

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