Friday Bridge vs This Year's Model


This Year's Model : The Clock Strikes Ten ( Marsh Marigold - Eur. release 3rd Aug. 07)

Friday Bridge : Intricacy (But is it Art? - released 23d May 07)

Friday Bridge (FB) and This Year’s Model (TYM) are both hailing from Sweden and have 2 other points in common, personnified into Ylva Lindberg, FB frontwoman - TYM keyboardist/vocalist  and Niklas Gustafsson, FB producer – TYM  vocals/guitars...


With its brilliant songwriting, its multifacial powerpop and  its Higher Elevations / Jesterbells-like jangly bits, This Year’s Model’s  ”The Clock strikes ten” is, after each listening, slowly growing on us like a breathtaking sharp-penned crime novel. It is to be noted it features musical guest Bid from Monochrome Set/Scarlett’s Well, as well as exclusive writings from Vic Godard, Jessica Griffin (both of él fame !) and Dickon Edwards (Fosca).


With its baroque arrangements and its elegant electronic pop stories, Friday Bridge’s Intricacy has become the soundtrack of our summer, titillating our buried Sandra and Mylène Farmer heartstrings...



Let’s talk with Ylva (Y)  and Niklas (N) about both musical projects :


-Released less than 2 months ago, Friday Bridge album got a quick positive response in Sweden and it’s starting now all over Europe. Do you think those catchy synthpop songs are commercially more viable than TYM jangly guitar tracks?


Y : Yes, probably – Friday Bridge’s danceable synth pop sound is a more ”popular” sound at the moment than the guitar pop of This Year’s Model, I guess – on the other hand, guitars can be very commercially successful too…

I’m very happy with the response to the Friday Bridge album in Sweden – the attention from the media and the public has really been more than we could hope for. Hopefully, this is followed by success for the This Year’s Model album as well, when it’s released.


-In the TYM album, I surprisingly found 2 references to Belgium: the song “Hotel Damier, Courtrai” of course, and the book trade label reproduction “Ancienne Librairie Castaigne, Bruxelles” in the splendid booklet artwork. What are the stories behind those mentions?


CastaigneLgY : Yes, that’s true! ”The Clock Strikes Ten” is meant to be something of an European album, where we have placed the songs in different European countries that we like – and since Belgium is one of our favourite countries in Europe, well there you are. The sea, the rain, the moules frites, the European Parliament, it all seems very This Year’s Model-esque…


-We see trough both TYM and - especially - FB albums that you’re a declared Francophile and I need to say your French is very fluent! How long did you stay in France? Any French artist/personality you feel connected to?


Y : Well, it’s a bit funny, nobody says someone is an Anglophile just because they sing in English… I wouldn’t say I’m a Francophile in the sense that I would worship everything French, rather I just like to use the language. I stayed in Paris for half a year, but I go there at times and stay for a while, it’s a wonderful city in many ways of course. The French (=francophone) artists that I like most I guess are the commercial pop artists of the 80s – Jeanne Mas, Corynne Charby, early Mylène... Yes, and Lio. And Elli & Jacno. I’ve grown out of yé-yé though...


-Last night I dreamt of the Return of the Marsh Marigold Christmas Party in Hamburg with This Years Model, Lovedance, Miniskirt, Alaska and Cats on Fire! Can you do anything to make this dream come true?



N : A great idea! We would love to do it, naturally. This Year’s Model are going to Germany for a tour shortly so I will talk to Oliver that runs the label and see what he says about it… hope he’s up for it!


-Which project are you planning to tour with actually, if any ?


Y : This Year’s Model will do a short tour in Northern Germany which will include performances in Hamburg, Berlin and Kiel. Probably a couple of more places. We start off by playing at M/S Hedi in Hamburg on 29th of August.

Friday Bridge will do an Autumn club tour in Sweden starting in October. The first show is in Lund in the south part of the country. Also we will, most likely, play in Stockholm, Linköping, Örebro, Uppsala and Gothenburg. This Year’s Model tour as a five piece while Friday Bridge live is just me and Niklas.


-Tell us about your collaboration with the enigmatic Dickon Edwards on both TYM and FB albums…Don’t you think he’s got the perfect murderer profile? Did the “crime theme” idea come before or after making the songs?

Dickon Edwards

Y : My (Friday Bridge’s) label, the rest of This Year’s Model and I all love what Mr Edwards is doing, both with Fosca and with his entertaining online diary. As the ultimate urban aesthete, he suited perfectly as a guest artist on ”Intricacy” and since he is also a great writer he was a natural choice to ask to write a short story for the ”The Clock Strikes Ten” booklet. Actually, Niklas has recorded and are about to mix a live Fosca album for release via the internet later this year. It will be distributed for free via But is it Art? in some way…

N : The crime theme is something that I always liked to do. Sherlock Holmes, and Maigret, and things like that has always been in my liking so when we realised that quite a lot of the songs had lyrics featuring references to crime scenes, Jean-Paul Belmondo (who is of course the most perfect of all on-screen criminals), suicide, abuse, criminally overrated artists etc… we decided to make it the main theme of the album.


-Mmmm I was wondering, in your old FB song “It Girl”, you talk about a venitian blonde woman with a stupid and ugly boyfriend… Is this autobiographical J ?


Y : Haha, well I am a Venetian blonde alright, but I have a both very bright and very attractive boyfriend… so, no! Generally, the Friday Bridge lyrics are not autobiographical in that sense.


=> Friday Bridge : Love and Nostalgia

=> This Year's Model : O Heaven Help My Foolish Heart (feat Bid)


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Fosca + Friday Bridge Concert p!o!p kombinat berlin presents:
Fosca (UK) +Friday Bridge (SWE)

December, 6 2008, 8pm

Café Royal (Ex- Theatercafe Jamboree)
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
(U-Bahn Warschauerstr.)




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