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Little Name : How to Swim and Live (Sleepy Records)

When we first came accross Little Name songs on Indiepages demo section one year ago, we instantly fell under the spell of those catchy tunes and simple love/life stories. Sound comparisons with any contemporary glaswegian acts or any ancestral liverpoolian band may have their sense although we're not talking about a proper band here, we're talking about one man : Lee Barker aka Leebo, the type of guy who was born with this abnormal DIY ubiquity !! 

After kindly making the songs streamable for months, after an appearance on the lovely Fruit Records' Peachy Little Secrets compilation, after surviving a damn flat' fire which led the project to an alarming hibernation, "How to Swim and Live" is at last released on Sleepy Records and we hardly can hide our enthusiasm ! Trumpets, broken hearts, horns, reverie, sparkling guitars, one-way love, outmoded melodies ...this is what it's all about : a step forward in the pursuit of happiness !

As you can see, artwork and packaging are awesome as well and we couldn't dream of a better jewel case to shelter the songs we learnt to cherish. If you want to offer an art object to your best friends, this is the one you blindly have to go for...

==> Little Name : "For the Attention of"

==> Buy it HERE

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