Elsa Leroy



A1. Comment fais-tu

A2. Mieux vaut tard que jamais

B1. Quelle foule, quelle foule!

B2. Où va le vent





In the yé yé times, being elected as "Mademoiselle Age Tendre" (from the eponym well-known French teen magazine) was a synonym of instantaneous recognition. In the case of Elsa Leroy, elected in 1965, this led to the immediate release of a charming and unique EP on the AZ label.

Amongst these 4 hapy-go-lucky and cheeky songs, "Mieux vaut tard que jamais" is my fave. This title is the cover of the 1964 Beau Brummels hit "Just a little" . The cover is better than the original, with its Bollywoodesque intro, its harpsichord, its reverberating guitars and Elsa's whispering voice...

Elsa soon met her husband and unfortunately dissapeared, leaving this one and only EP for posterity...

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I am a big fan of french pop of the 60's. Do you think you could point me in the direction of more music like this? I have found a 3 volume compilation called French Cuts which has a lot of great french music of the period. Anything like that would be cool to listen to.

Écrit par : earpick | 18/08/2007

There are many many nice reedition series : Pop à Paris, Ultra Chicks, Femmes de Paris & Sixties girls...

Écrit par : Jean-Michel | 18/08/2007

vue au cinéma ! Je crois bien qu'Elsa Leroy joue son propre rôle dans une scène de "Masculin-Féminin" de Godard, et qu'elle y est violemment ridiculisée...

Écrit par : Jérémie | 21/08/2007

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