Belgian/French Euro disco ?

Well yeah it did exist and it was mmm...not bad at all !!

Nathalie : My Love won't let you down (1983 - Belgium)

This was a huge hit in Belgium and France and the couplets originally were sung in French. Except for the singing, this sounds a bit like Human League...Nathalie also made a duet with Plastic Bertrand called "L'amour OK", but the song was not OK...She's is now successfully working in the prêt-à-porter field in Brussels... 

Magazine 60 : Don Quichotte (1985-France)

Magazine 60 was initially intended to reinterpretate 60's standards with an 80's euro beat sauce but happilly for us, they quickly made their own comps and offered us this tremendous classic along with their other "Rendez-vous sur la Costa del Sol"...

Muriel Dacq : Tropiques (1986-Belgium)

Muriel was the wife of  well-known Belgian singer/songwriter called Alec Mansion (of Léopold Nord & Vous fame). The funny thing about this video, shot in Oostende, is that Muriel is singing "J'ai chaud" (It's hot) while wearing a scarf...pure belgian auto-derision...

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Muriel Dacq...
Je me sens si vieux...

Écrit par : lyle | 28/08/2007

Waouw j' avais oublié jusqu'à l'existence de Magazine 60 ! Quelle claque !

Écrit par : Charlie 2 Paris | 29/08/2007

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