Dondolo : Dondolisme (La bulle sonore)

Romain Guerret - aka Dondolo - allows himself to do whatever he wants, he doesn't sing, he enjoys the use of cheap synths that go pouêt pouêt and guitars that go khling khling, he feels like a superstar, he sings in the supermarkets, he speaks in English or in French, he's having sex with a traffic warden on a car bonnet...

Mylène Farmer, Richarg Gotainer, Jacno, Casino Music, Plastic Bertrand...Dondolo is each and all of them , very French and very 80's in the same time... For sure, Dondolism is going on...

==> Dondolo : J'ai deux amours

==> Buy it HERE

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Haha I knew you couldn't miss this one. I'm also addicted to the "Fluffy Angel" song of this album.

Écrit par : Greg | 30/08/2007

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