Dondolo : Dondolisme (La bulle sonore)

Romain Guerret - aka Dondolo - allows himself to do whatever he wants, he doesn't sing, he enjoys the use of cheap synths that go pouêt pouêt and guitars that go khling khling, he feels like a superstar, he sings in the supermarkets, he speaks in English or in French, he's having sex with a traffic warden on a car bonnet...

Mylène Farmer, Richarg Gotainer, Jacno, Casino Music, Plastic Bertrand...Dondolo is each and all of them , very French and very 80's in the same time... For sure, Dondolism is going on...

==> Dondolo : J'ai deux amours

==> Buy it HERE

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Belgian/French Euro disco ?

Well yeah it did exist and it was mmm...not bad at all !!

Nathalie : My Love won't let you down (1983 - Belgium)

This was a huge hit in Belgium and France and the couplets originally were sung in French. Except for the singing, this sounds a bit like Human League...Nathalie also made a duet with Plastic Bertrand called "L'amour OK", but the song was not OK...She's is now successfully working in the prêt-à-porter field in Brussels... 

Magazine 60 : Don Quichotte (1985-France)

Magazine 60 was initially intended to reinterpretate 60's standards with an 80's euro beat sauce but happilly for us, they quickly made their own comps and offered us this tremendous classic along with their other "Rendez-vous sur la Costa del Sol"...

Muriel Dacq : Tropiques (1986-Belgium)

Muriel was the wife of  well-known Belgian singer/songwriter called Alec Mansion (of Léopold Nord & Vous fame). The funny thing about this video, shot in Oostende, is that Muriel is singing "J'ai chaud" (It's hot) while wearing a scarf...pure belgian auto-derision...

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The Bridal Shop

The Bridal Shop : From Seas EP (autoproduced)

The Bridal Shop has got this peculiar Swedish way of making great pop by absorbing New Order synthesization/gimmicks and add some of the best dream pop effects on it , think Red Sleeping Beauty, The Embassy or Labrador label... Seven songs without any weak point, breathy male and female vocals, and the sincere hope to hear more from them soon...

Get the CD-R for only 5€ by asking it here : thebridalshop@gmail.com

=> The Bridal Shop : From Seas

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Sucrette : C'est si bon (autoproduced)

"Sucrette" in french is used to designate those horrible artificial sweeteners with barbarian names... But Sucrette, this cute duo from Kyoto, formed of Shiho on - sweet helium high - vocals and Hidetaka Okuda on programs and instruments, is everything but barbarian...Like the splendid Retro Machida cover illustration leads to suppose, only pure modernism and innocence to be found here, a sort of whirling soup of french pop, bossa-nova, indie and pico pico, reminding some essays of fellow bands like Hi-Posi or 800 cherries...Prends ta sucrette, darling, c'est si bon !

=> Buy it HERE or HERE     => Sucrette : Love & whistle

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Elsa Leroy



A1. Comment fais-tu

A2. Mieux vaut tard que jamais

B1. Quelle foule, quelle foule!

B2. Où va le vent





In the yé yé times, being elected as "Mademoiselle Age Tendre" (from the eponym well-known French teen magazine) was a synonym of instantaneous recognition. In the case of Elsa Leroy, elected in 1965, this led to the immediate release of a charming and unique EP on the AZ label.

Amongst these 4 hapy-go-lucky and cheeky songs, "Mieux vaut tard que jamais" is my fave. This title is the cover of the 1964 Beau Brummels hit "Just a little" . The cover is better than the original, with its Bollywoodesque intro, its harpsichord, its reverberating guitars and Elsa's whispering voice...

Elsa soon met her husband and unfortunately dissapeared, leaving this one and only EP for posterity...

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Little Name

little name

Little Name : How to Swim and Live (Sleepy Records)

When we first came accross Little Name songs on Indiepages demo section one year ago, we instantly fell under the spell of those catchy tunes and simple love/life stories. Sound comparisons with any contemporary glaswegian acts or any ancestral liverpoolian band may have their sense although we're not talking about a proper band here, we're talking about one man : Lee Barker aka Leebo, the type of guy who was born with this abnormal DIY ubiquity !! 

After kindly making the songs streamable for months, after an appearance on the lovely Fruit Records' Peachy Little Secrets compilation, after surviving a damn flat' fire which led the project to an alarming hibernation, "How to Swim and Live" is at last released on Sleepy Records and we hardly can hide our enthusiasm ! Trumpets, broken hearts, horns, reverie, sparkling guitars, one-way love, outmoded melodies ...this is what it's all about : a step forward in the pursuit of happiness !

As you can see, artwork and packaging are awesome as well and we couldn't dream of a better jewel case to shelter the songs we learnt to cherish. If you want to offer an art object to your best friends, this is the one you blindly have to go for...

==> Little Name : "For the Attention of"

==> Buy it HERE

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Rose, Harvey, Kevin & Sarah


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Luna Parker


Luna Parker : "Félin pour l'autre" LP  (1988- Barclay)

French duo Luna Parker (Rachel Ortas and Eric Tabuchi, former members of new wave outfit Tokow Boys) arose like a salutary fresh breeze in the french charts sky in 1986 with its anthem "Tes états d'âme Eric", a genious mixture of mindlessness, trivial puns, exotica beats and killing melody. After 3 more singles, came their one and only LP "Félin pour l'autre" in 1988, which, despite some typical 80's tics, abounds with true pop pearls...The album has never been properly reedited on CD.

The song "La tour de Londres", included in the LP, was written for the duo by gifted french songwriter Jean-François Coen and became the single "La tour de Pise" 5 years later on his eponym debut album. The video - see below- was directed by Michel Gondry.

==> Luna Parker : "La Tour de Londres"

==> Jean-François Coen : "La Tour de Pise"

Thanks to Eve

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