Louis Philippe


Louis Philippe : An Unknown Spring (Wonder)

From él sunshine deserts to Shibuya Trattoria, from literary musical settings to children fantasy pop, from his first EP on le Crépuscule to his latest collaboration with Stuart Moxham on his own label, Louis Philippe is part of pop history, he IS pop history. But the intention is not to look in the rearview mirror...

"An Unknown Spring" is formally sophisticated, sustained with strings, often piano-driven, backed with pastoral vocal harmonies and baroque arrangments, quite close to early él essays. As we could expect, some songs like notably "The Hill and the Valley", "An Unknown Spring" or the instrumental "Liverpool" are close to perfection while  "Fallen Snow" is even going further, being the equivalent of a "retrogressive science fiction essay" in literature. Future is now.

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this is definitly THE album of 2007. "Born Beautiful" is perfection !

Écrit par : charter pop | 10/09/2007

LOUIS PHILIPPE: THE SOUND OF TODAY! 'An Unknown Spring' is a sublime collection of songs, perhaps the best LOUIS PHILIPPE's album so far, and that is saying something.
LOUIS PHILIPPE is simply one of the most talented musician and arranger of today, and a magnificent singer.

Écrit par : Mathieu Bournazel | 11/09/2007

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