The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths : Spring a Leak (Matinée recordings)

Amongst all those Aussie indie bands, at the exception of the Cannanes maybe, The Lucksmiths must be the ones having participated to the most side projects, label comps, remixes or split 7". "Spring a Leak" is gathering all those exclusive moments, from stunning covers (The Siddeleys, The Smiths, The Magnetic Fields, The Simpletons, The Cat's Miaow, The Ladybug Transistor, The Modern Lovers, The Sugargliders, Boyracer...) to "Compilation only" songs (on Candle, Matinée, 555, Magic Marker...) and Live sessions (for Swedish P3 radio, Pop In Paris...). 

Not only a collector for all Lucksmiths' lovers, but also an original manner to (re)discover the most influential Aussie band of the last decade...

=> "Rushes of Pure Spring" (Ladybug Transistor cover)  => "There is light that never goes out" (The Smiths cover)  From Yellow Stereo blog

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