The Lolligags


The Lolligags : Wired EP (HHBTM Records)

Apart of hailing from Athens Georgia, The Lolligags are not a typical HHBTM band, which is unfortunate and profitable in the same time. Unfortunate cos' they're not playing this US guitar indiepop that is building - today more than ever - HHBTM reputation,  profitable cos', with this debut EP, the duo keenly distinguishes itself with a supercute synth-driven unpretentious pop, topped with Lene Lovich-like striking & mesmerizing vocals (wonderful Leslie). Another breeze of fresh air is blowing on Athens...2008 Popfest is waiting for me !!!!

"Kitten, come over ! Kitten, come on let's have a ball. Come kiss me kitten we don't have to speak at all. I don't know why you will not admit I'm on the attack. Riot grrrl is back."

=> http://www.myspace.com/thelolligags

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