The Dreamers

The Dreamers : Day for Night (Friendly Noise)

The release of this debut album by the Anglo-Swedish duo was awaited in many respects :

It's the first time Kevin Wright (of Always & Mr Wright fame) is really sharing the songwriting and interpretation with somebody (Sarah Nyberg Pergament of Action Biker) on a specific project, leaving temporarily the "él-Le Grand Magistery-Siesta" network to sign on the unparallel swedish label Friendly Noise (Action Biker label of course !). Song after song, main interpretation is wittingly switching from Sarah to Kevin and musical encasement from smooth acoustico-melancholic ballads to bossa-nova crafted tunes.

It's also the first time Sarah is leaving her one-woman electropop band to perform more downbeat orchestrated stuff that perfectly suits to her voice range...a bit as if a happy Trish Keenan had transformed in a a very sad Karolina Komstedt for some time...

Recreative lusciousness, pure sobriety, sweet romanticism, this is far more than a side-project, this is 2 musicians from different generations & horizons getting together and enjoying it. Day for Night...Happy Sad as Tim Buckley used to say...

=> Buy it HERE       => http://www.myspace.com/thedreamersspace

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i really like the cd cover ;)

Écrit par : bambi | 22/10/2007

At least you could buy the CD with your royalties ;)

Écrit par : JM | 23/10/2007

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