Fitness Forever

Fitness Forever : Mondo Fitness  single (EMI Italy)

Still several days to come before the official release of the brand new La Casa Azul album "La revolucion sexual" on Elefant, and this lookalike Italian band, amateur of figurative sport, will succeed in holding on our breath very nicely !

After a very confidential "Marmalade Gomelsky" autoproduced album last year, Valderrama & co have managed to sign on a major, which is quite unbelievable regarding the type of pop they're playing. This splendid single is the first extract of a full album. With some strings added, this could even please your stepmother...

=> Fitness Forever website  => www.myspace.com/fitnesswithyou

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Écrit par : dj nepo | 29/10/2007

is there no where to download this?!

Écrit par : eric | 30/10/2007

nice music; congratulations

Écrit par : pierre | 31/10/2007

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