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Anthony Rochester : Music for in the Spaceship (Kaleidoscopic Lights Collective)

Talk about Anthony Rochester to Australian "indie" bands and you'll realize many of them never heard of him ! Is it because he's coming from a sort of "apart" territory called Tasmania or because he's not signed on Candle (RIP), Popboomerang or Lost and Lonesome Records ? Both may be clues... If you look for a massive number of Anthony fans, better go to US, Norway or Japan !!!

"Music for in the Spaceship" is his third album. Well, at the moment, i'd better use future tense "will be" cos' this is just a very limited dodgy pre-release of the album due early next year on Hobart-based Kaleidoscopic Lights Collective with a proper pressing and more impressive artwork/packaging. Although I really like the front cover here and I hope it will be kept !

Musically, this is again pure one-man multi-instrumental debauchery, but a clean and classy one ! Lounge, bossa-Nova or guitar indie-driven easy melody songs...overtopped with Anthony pacifying voice. Be sure to pick Anthony on his US/UK/Scandinavia tour and put this album on the first place in your 2008 "to buy" list !

=> 'I love you Baby'   dedicated to Carmela

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There's nothin' like you and I ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFIX2G2oSSU

Écrit par : Carmela | 04/11/2007

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