Anthony Rochester


Anthony Rochester : Music for in the Spaceship (Kaleidoscopic Lights Collective)

Talk about Anthony Rochester to Australian "indie" bands and you'll realize many of them never heard of him ! Is it because he's coming from a sort of "apart" territory called Tasmania or because he's not signed on Candle (RIP), Popboomerang or Lost and Lonesome Records ? Both may be clues... If you look for a massive number of Anthony fans, better go to US, Norway or Japan !!!

"Music for in the Spaceship" is his third album. Well, at the moment, i'd better use future tense "will be" cos' this is just a very limited dodgy pre-release of the album due early next year on Hobart-based Kaleidoscopic Lights Collective with a proper pressing and more impressive artwork/packaging. Although I really like the front cover here and I hope it will be kept !

Musically, this is again pure one-man multi-instrumental debauchery, but a clean and classy one ! Lounge, bossa-Nova or guitar indie-driven easy melody songs...overtopped with Anthony pacifying voice. Be sure to pick Anthony on his US/UK/Scandinavia tour and put this album on the first place in your 2008 "to buy" list !

=> 'I love you Baby'   dedicated to Carmela

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Fitness Forever

Fitness Forever : Mondo Fitness  single (EMI Italy)

Still several days to come before the official release of the brand new La Casa Azul album "La revolucion sexual" on Elefant, and this lookalike Italian band, amateur of figurative sport, will succeed in holding on our breath very nicely !

After a very confidential "Marmalade Gomelsky" autoproduced album last year, Valderrama & co have managed to sign on a major, which is quite unbelievable regarding the type of pop they're playing. This splendid single is the first extract of a full album. With some strings added, this could even please your stepmother...

=> Fitness Forever website  => www.myspace.com/fitnesswithyou

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The Dreamers

The Dreamers : Day for Night (Friendly Noise)

The release of this debut album by the Anglo-Swedish duo was awaited in many respects :

It's the first time Kevin Wright (of Always & Mr Wright fame) is really sharing the songwriting and interpretation with somebody (Sarah Nyberg Pergament of Action Biker) on a specific project, leaving temporarily the "él-Le Grand Magistery-Siesta" network to sign on the unparallel swedish label Friendly Noise (Action Biker label of course !). Song after song, main interpretation is wittingly switching from Sarah to Kevin and musical encasement from smooth acoustico-melancholic ballads to bossa-nova crafted tunes.

It's also the first time Sarah is leaving her one-woman electropop band to perform more downbeat orchestrated stuff that perfectly suits to her voice range...a bit as if a happy Trish Keenan had transformed in a a very sad Karolina Komstedt for some time...

Recreative lusciousness, pure sobriety, sweet romanticism, this is far more than a side-project, this is 2 musicians from different generations & horizons getting together and enjoying it. Day for Night...Happy Sad as Tim Buckley used to say...

=> Buy it HERE       => http://www.myspace.com/thedreamersspace

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The Lolligags


The Lolligags : Wired EP (HHBTM Records)

Apart of hailing from Athens Georgia, The Lolligags are not a typical HHBTM band, which is unfortunate and profitable in the same time. Unfortunate cos' they're not playing this US guitar indiepop that is building - today more than ever - HHBTM reputation,  profitable cos', with this debut EP, the duo keenly distinguishes itself with a supercute synth-driven unpretentious pop, topped with Lene Lovich-like striking & mesmerizing vocals (wonderful Leslie). Another breeze of fresh air is blowing on Athens...2008 Popfest is waiting for me !!!!

"Kitten, come over ! Kitten, come on let's have a ball. Come kiss me kitten we don't have to speak at all. I don't know why you will not admit I'm on the attack. Riot grrrl is back."

=> http://www.myspace.com/thelolligags

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Math an Physics Club


Another fresh mailbox delivery from Matinée Recordings is this brand new EP from our Seattle darlings MAPC. A faithful follow-up to their-still recent- debut album. From the suave "Baby I'm yours" to the mannered "Nothing really happened", from the swaying "In this together" to the breezy closer "Do you keep a Diary", cheering overall feeling guaranteed...

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The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths : Spring a Leak (Matinée recordings)

Amongst all those Aussie indie bands, at the exception of the Cannanes maybe, The Lucksmiths must be the ones having participated to the most side projects, label comps, remixes or split 7". "Spring a Leak" is gathering all those exclusive moments, from stunning covers (The Siddeleys, The Smiths, The Magnetic Fields, The Simpletons, The Cat's Miaow, The Ladybug Transistor, The Modern Lovers, The Sugargliders, Boyracer...) to "Compilation only" songs (on Candle, Matinée, 555, Magic Marker...) and Live sessions (for Swedish P3 radio, Pop In Paris...). 

Not only a collector for all Lucksmiths' lovers, but also an original manner to (re)discover the most influential Aussie band of the last decade...

=> "Rushes of Pure Spring" (Ladybug Transistor cover)  => "There is light that never goes out" (The Smiths cover)  From Yellow Stereo blog

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Radio update

Back to multiple Orgasm Playlist :


- Soda Fountain Rag : The saddest Boy again (2007)

- Automelodi : Schema corporel (2006)

- The Radio Dept : Bachelor Kisses (2007)

- The Guild League : The Storm (2004)

- Radio LXMBRG : Score on the Floor (2007)

- Lisa Tani : Rouge et bleu (2004)

- Rocca : Baby Mine (2007)

- Moosy Flanagan : Savez vous danser sans soulier (1959)

- Louis Philippe : Fallen Snow (2007)

- The Lucksmiths : How to tie a Tie (Pipas Remix) (2004)

- Math & Physics Club : Do you keep a Diary (2007)

- Dode’s ka-den : Grenadine and I (~1994)

- The Hat Company : Tide (2006)

- Usha Uthup & Chorus : One two cha cha cha (1978)

- Jens Lekman : And I remember every Kiss (2007)

- The Inner space : Kamera Song (1968)

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A Smile and a Ribbon


A Smile and a Ribbon : The Boy I wish I never met (Shelflife)

Relaunched Shelflife staples are gratifying us with this refreshing debut album from the swedish duo, reminding me a lot of Language of Flowers (how strange !!), same kind of Heavenly charm, same airy vocals but with more clappings and even several electronic intrusions. Warning : repeated listening will borrow your heart !

=> A Smile and a Ribbon : The Boy I wish I never met

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