After-school sports


After-school sports : A short melodrama (Cosy Den recordings)

"Melodrama can be distinguished from Tragedy by the fact that they are open to having a happy ending"

Alice Luther Näsholm is only eighteen years old, is hailing from Stockholm and is making this type of fresh bedroom-casio-pop driving me instantly mad, less clean than Bobby Baby, more DIY than Action Biker, sometimes as inspired as Soda Fountain Rag, this is released as a 300 copies only CDr so hurry up to get the chance to pick one HERE or HERE ! Melodrama songs on light comedy music...

=> "Wind up"


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"Wind up" is my favourite track on this cd, but the rest is pretty great too, especially the lovely casio tweepop version of "smile".

It makes the wait for an Action Biker album (which should appear in the near future on Friendly Noise - or so I hope) a little less long.

Écrit par : Bart | 08/11/2007

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