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Brussels, Belgium, post-punk period...

Alongside the very arty and chic belgian labels Les Disques du Crépuscule & Crammed Discs, Sandwich Records was a clearly less elitist & more underground alternative offered, focused on electro-experimental & post-punk rock.

The purpose of the label was not to attract a cult audience but more to promote home-grown artists like Polyphonic Size, Kid Montana or Digital Dance. As usual, due to lack of funds, the label had to close down in 1982 after only 17 proper releases.

The cult Sandwich Records' B9 compilation is now reedited on LTM by James Nice (who used to work in Brussels for Le Crépuscule and PIAS in the mid 80's). For this reissue, the comp has been happily expanded with 8 extra tracks by the Names, Isolation Ward, Front 242..., presenting a more exhaustive picture of the Belgian scene between 1979 and 1983.

Amongst all those bands, Digital Dance - together with The Names -, was the most remarkable, playing some great guitar-driven anxious and austere music, in the vein of Josef K. Like a miracle, a reissue compilation of all their works called "Treatment" is released on LTM in the same time than the B9 comp !

Sources : B9 bis sleeve notes


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Great stuff. Brings back memories ...

By the way, did you know that Bobby Wratten of Trembling Blue Stars fame is a huge Names fan ?

Écrit par : Bart | 11/11/2007

Oooh really ? Not so surprised Bobby must be a Crepuscule/Factory fan...

Écrit par : Pop 'n Cherries | 11/11/2007

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