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La Casa Azul : La Revolucion Sexual (elefant)

It's been a too long wait since the last proper LCA album, this despite the continuous unsated play of "El Sonido..." and "Tan Simple..." (my 7 year-old daughter can prove it, which doesn't mean she disapproves it, on the contrary...especially with the first-named)

La Revolucion sexual : more disco than eurodisco, more easypop than bubblegum, more electronico-encased than guitar-driven, more Shibuya than Jpop, LCA is going a step forward in the direction of labelmates Helen Love, but still being purely LCA-trademarked : sudden tempo changes, sunshine pop melodies, mix of all genres and sounds (purely homemade - no music sample) as long as it is papalapapa-pop, including 8bit and Kraut inclusions !

Mexico and Barcelona are already mad about them, London and Stockholm still have to shake their ass a bit, not to talk about aliens ...

"La revolucion sexual" video with Guille Milkyway for the first time officially in action !!!! :


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Amo a Laura Parmi les harmonies produites par Guille, il y a aussi celle-ci qui n'est pas mal ... j'aime bien le côté "kitch" et innocent du clip :-)

Écrit par : Carmela | 14/11/2007

La Casa Azul always manage to put me in a good mood.
They seem to have upped the "kitch" factor a bit more for this one, which I don't mind at all cause it's fun.
The clip reminds me of the Gentle People, which is no bad thing either.

Écrit par : Bart | 15/11/2007


Écrit par : DansMonCafe | 15/11/2007

Guille is a genious !

Écrit par : Jaime | 15/11/2007

pure shibuya kei in spanish!!!


Écrit par : meltorm | 16/11/2007

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