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Souvenir : Extras 64 (Jabalina Musica)

After a remarkable dancey opus "64" this year,  Spanish francophile band Souvenir is coming back this 26/11 with a new EP including 2 brand new songs : the dance-floor killer "Si tu sais pas" and Blondie's cover "Hanging on the Telephone" in french of course ! Along with these, 3  remixes of "64" songs "Allô Allô", "Une semaine en ballon" and "Accident à Londres" ! "Allô Allô" (also included in the CD as a single video in its original version) is remixed in a very classy eurodisco way by Swedish Master Johan Agebjörn (Sally Shapiro). All songs can be streamed HERE

Speaking of Johan Agebjörn, he recently made a tremendous "female voice" mix called "Sackaros" for Tokion FM, including his latest Allô Allô Remix between some 80's classic french pop like Mylène Farmer & Mikado, and other old and recent scandinavian artists like Sophie Rimheden, Cloetta Paris and the wunderschön song "Follow Me" by Ercola feat. Annie (unfairly neglected all over the world - except in Ibiza - this summer !). Here it is : 

Bonus : Johan Agebjorn mix "Sackaros"

1. Mylène Farmer - L’Ame-Stram-Gam
2. Sophie Rimheden feat. Annika Holmberg - Can You Save Me? (Mont Ventoux Remix)
3. Cloetta Paris - I Miss You Someone
4. Sally Shapiro - I Know
5. Souvenir - Allô allô (Johan Agebjörn remix)
6. Ercola feat. Annie - Follow Me (Original Club Mix)
7. Mikado - Romance
8. Ingela Renliden - Dockans Man

Thanks to Jaime & Johan


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Sally Shapiro!!!!

Bon, on se verra peut-être à la nuit factory à BxL, le 15/12!

Écrit par : Thibaut | 27/11/2007

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