Afternoon naps protect your heart

Afternoon Naps : Sunbeamed (Instant Disco)

Scientific studies have shown that afternoon naps may boost your heart health. Cleveland Ohio band Afternoon Naps debut album "sunbeamed" is sure to have the same beneficial effect on your heart. Wrapped in its sleeve depicting a great big orange-yellow sun showering sunbeams is their perfect sunshine pop take on twee pop.

The album (which clocks in at a perfect 21 minutes - they know that perfect pop should be short and sweet - there's no flab or fillers here) veers from the giddy rush of a track called "orange paw" which is very Mates of State in sound, via an instrumental called "argyle spring" which could have been lifted straight of Felt's "let the snakes crinkle their heads ..." al the way through to the more thoughtful " the end is near" which is reminiscent of early Belle and Sebastian (think "Dylan in the movies" but with added Spaghetti Western trumpets). Highlight has to be "postcard" however which really shows their love of the Californian sunshine pop of the '60's (one could play this song in between anything by the Free Design and Best of Friends' "Daybreak" and no-one would notice).

The band themselves describe their music as modernist classic pop and they are not far of the mark. I for one will indulge in these Afternoon Naps a little bit more, and so should you. They protect your heart.


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