Pants Yell!

Pants Yell! : Alison Statton (Soft Abuse)

Barely relieved from the "Recent Drama" album, one of the most remarkable essays of last year, with its out-of-time indiepop hymns*, I could not do anything but gloat over the idea of listening to this close follower, named after YMG cult frontgirl...

But don't be misleaded by this red herring, no question of a step into minimalistic hypocondriac music here, Pants Yell! remains Pants Yell! and seeing them accomplish again such miracles with the same ingredients - a bit like Tullycraft or the Lucksmiths you know what I mean - is just fantastic ! Andrew Churchmans's plaintive voice and melancholic topics wrapped into dulcet songwriting still make the difference !

"Of all the places I'd like to be its in a room with no TV, an open window with company and smiling faces to say they've missed me"

=> Pants Yell! : "Two French Sisters" mp3

*Pants Yell! : "Our Turf" video, one of those out-of-time hymns I'm talking about...

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