Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes


"Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes" sounds a bit like the title to one of those wonderful children's stories the Scandinavians are so great at (think Astrid Lindgren) don't you think ?

In fact Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes are yet another of those freshfaced Scandinavian bands who have graduated from the school of perfect indiepop ("the complete history of classic indiepop part 1-15 : from Postcard to Sarah" must surely be part of the school curriculum in Scandinavia).

They are the lovechildren of Bid (the Monochrome Set) and Lawrence (Felt). On their debut cdep under their then name "the Everyday Mistakes" they wore these influences like a badge (while also referencing early Prefab Sprout - think "Swoon"  in sound and the Pale Fountains in look if not in sound), but still managed to create a sound all of their own.


Since then they seem to have broadened their scope (and have undergone a slight namechange) : new songs like the echo and reverb drenched "voodoo drums" with it's lovely Spaghetti Western trumpets show them to be the grandchildren of Ennio Morricone and Love too ! They also do a great Shadows-like take on the Field Mice classic "a wrong turn and rain" giving the song a totally new perspective. Makes you wonder where Mattias and his friends' new adventures will lead them next ...

If David Lynch should ever turn to making films again instead of incomprehensible puzzles he could do far worse than contacting Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes for the soundtrack.



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