Piero Umiliani


Piero Umiliani : Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Easy Tempo)

Best known for his famous "Mah na mah na" song, later featured on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, Piero Umiliani must be one of your easy pop heroes, in the same line as André Popp, Burt Baccharach, Bruno Nicolai or Martin Denny... His "Svezia, Inferno e Paradisio" soundtrack was made in 1968 for an Italian documentary about Swedish life and debauchery (see movie extract below). It remains a true "classique du genre" with such perfect pop moments as "You tried to warn me", "Mah na mah na", "Beer, Vermouth & Gin"" or 'Le Ragazze dell'arcipelago"

=> Piero Umiliani : "Le Ragazze dell"Arcipelago"


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