This is fake DIY Records


Recently came accross this young London based label, branch of a well-known online music site of the same name. To date, they have released several exciting new bands launched with some promising 7"or EP's...Here's a selection : 



The Chiara L's : "Knives / Kate's Kid" 7"

This is the debut double-A side single (released this 10/12) from this Leeds band who has taken the whole UK by storm with their very energetic sets recently. Deep bass-structures topped with Bikini Kill / Sleater-Kinney-like guitar walls and voices. Definitely worth digging further later on...





Love ends Disaster :"Suzanne / Dinosaur" 7"

The first song is not a Moose reprise but a brilliant power pop gem full of sound hooks and tempo changes. Their second song, Dinosaur, which is said to be a tribute to Elton John (??) is reminding me a lot of Husker Dü...quite engaging...





The Loyal Trooper :"4 Quid with Flyer" EP

Upbeat indiepop à la Lodger for a one-man band (Andy Walker) originating from Manchester (what an accent!). Four infectious and immediate songs navigating between poppy Buzzcocks and a lightweight Wedding Present !



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