Burning Hearts

burning hearts

Ever experienced love at first sight ? You know that feeling when just one glance at a stranger across the room sends your heart flying high as a kite, sets your pulse racing and you know he/she is the one for you.

It took me only one listen to the four songs on Finnish band Burning Hearts' myspace page to realize they were just that kind of "stranger". In fact I boldly proclaimed them to be my favourite band ... ever, only on that one listen. You romantic fool you might think, but with those four perfectly formed songs sounding like a poppier early Broadcast sprinkled with some of that magical Scandinavian POP sheen we've come to know and love (think Club 8 or Sambassadeur), what is there not to adore ?
The fact that the band didn't give much away, only describing themselves rather mysteriously as "man woman machine", made them all the more alluring.

However, after some investigating I can now reveal that Burning Hearts are really no strangers at all. In fact they are Jessika from the rather ace Le Futur Pompiste and Henry from the equally brilliant Cats on Fire and they have been making beautiful music together since the spring of 2006. An album should be on our way in 2008, as well as the brand new Le Futur Pompiste !
Go on, let your heart be set alight by these Burning Hearts too ! You will not regret it.


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Oh my! I thought I was madly in love with Cats on Fire. Ok, I am. But Burning Hearts - WOWZA. Very Siddeleys, very bittersweet romantic. Thank you for this post!

Écrit par : jennifer | 14/01/2008

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