Spinvis : Goochelaars en geesten (Excelsior)

2001...After many years experimentation & sampling on his computer at home in Nieuwegein Netherlands, the 41 years old Erik de Jong decides at last to send his DIY 3 songs-demo tape to Excelsior label...Two weeks later, a deal is signed !!

The debut album is released on april 2002 and the two outstanding singles "Smalfilm" and "Voor ik vergeet" (see video) are following in the same year. The Dutch and Flemish press reactions are unanimous and Spinvis is getting public recognition through many magazines and radios (Oor, Humo, Studio Brussel, Radio 2...). 

Altough Spinvis is well-recognized in Netherlands and Flanders, the fact that Erik is singing in Dutch is a clear obstacle to further well-deserved international recognition à la Solex...but language is not the only guaranty of course... (e.g  John Wayne shot me, Persil, Zea...)

The Spinvis fingerprint is a nostalgic lo-fi meeting pop music, as if Migala was meeting Tindersticks in an Amsterdam kindergarten 10 years ago... On many numbers of  this latest "Goochelaars en Geesten" though, the early DIY spirit has left place to more mature arrangements and production, with full orchestration and proper musicians. This is actually not a real album but more a collection of earlier works including b-sides, unpublished tracks (songs done for movies, comps, tv series, public performances ...). The whole bunch is quite  homogeneous and fascinating I must say,  jumping from one melodic highlight to another!

Erik de Jong...a poet, a pop genius... ==> Spinvis : Op een ochtend in het Heelal


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Actually he's called Erik de Jong, not Pieter de Jong ;-)

Écrit par : Peter | 24/12/2007

Gosh, where's my mind ? ;)
Thx !!!

Écrit par : Pop 'n Cherries | 24/12/2007

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