Orwell : Le génie humain (Twin Fizz Records)

In the same vein than Notre-Dame, Orwell was one of those french hidden treasures we discovered through the Asian channel and the wonderful Quince Records in Japan, with their first album "Des Lendemains" in 2001/2002.

Orwell is the illegitimate crown prince of what we could call the "Baroque pop" dynasty, starting from the precursor Jean-Baptiste Lully to the young ancesters Love/Polnareff/Beach Boys and the more recent Cardinal/Louis Philippe/Divine Comedy.

And perfect "Baroque pop" it remains more than ever indeed with the latest "Le génie humain" : use of many classical or traditional instruments (strings, winds, flute, banjo, piano, organ...), patent development of the orchestral style and lyricism, contradictions and diversity by means of multiple collaborations (Aprilia Sari from indonesian band White Shoes and the Couple Company, Andrew Watt from Heavy Blinkers fame, Médéric Gontier from Tahiti 80, Norwegian wonderboy Alexander Von Mehren...)... 

The opus is somehow focused on those differences between circumstances, beings and feelings and this aspect is perfectly illustrated in the following video of the first single "Elémentaire":

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Another great french pop groups: Fugu, Tahiti 80 & Polarsun ;)

Écrit par : Jerom | 28/12/2007

Haaa Orwell & Notre Dame (AFD en fait) ce sont vraiment des perles rares mais malheureusement injustement méconnus, qui a dit que le public avait de 'la merde dans les oreilles' ? (quoique en ce qui les concerne je penche plutôt pour le mauvais gout des programmateurs radio/télé)

Écrit par : sy! | 20/03/2008

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