Songs selection 2007 + contest !


Here is a selection of songs that embellished my year... In addition of being terrific, they also mean a lot to me, for several reasons ! You can stream them all on the radio !


Wishing you a POPfull 2008, sweet darlings !!!

01 soda1

Soda Fountain Rag : "The saddest Boy again" (My Honey records)

The utmost thrilling bedroom pop you could figure out with innate qualities of bright songwriting !

02 motoboy

Moto boy : Blue Motorbike (Songs I wish I had written)

"One guy with nothing but his guitar and his voice". His first digital (free) single... a true lost summer bilboard hit...


Rocca : Baby mine (Unreleased)

A burning anthem that will make you sweat and let your fragile body make all kind of unwanted dangerous moves.

04 moscow2

Moscow Olympics : Still (Fraction Discs)

Pure shoegaze pop perfection from Philippines with stepped-up Cocteautwinesques accents... 

05 fitness2Fitness Forever : Bacharach (Autoproduced)

Italian search for pop perfection...confidentially released in 2006 but only revealed to the - open-mouthed - world in 2007


Little big Adventure : Ben & Jerrys (Digital dwld))

The 3rd single, "packed with weeping guitars, heartbreaking lyrics and drunken beats...Hopefullness is lost and hopelessness is found"

07 cloettaCloetta Paris : I miss you Someone (Digital dwld)

Simply a great song wrapped in a seducing eurodisco gift-packaging... instant crush guaranteed...                         

07 painsThe Pains of being pure at Heart : This Love is fucking right (Painbow Records)

Magnificent noisy pop gem or "How the Field Mice would sound like if they were coming from New-York..."

09 motocompoMotocompo : Dream flows (Poplot)

Really charming electro pop song à la Ladytron from this Japanese girl-duo, a serious Perfume contestant !

10 smileA Smile and a Ribbon : Baby's Breath (Shelflife)

Vinyl crackles covered with heavenly vocals 'till that sudden tempo change that will borrow your heart !

11 blind

Blind Terry : When Prefab Sprout wrecked my Mind (Cloudberry)

A superb bittersweet piano-driven pop song that could easily fit on the latest Camera Obscura album (thanks for insisting Bart)

12 sproutts1The Sproutts : Hidden Costs (Autoproduced)

A ready-to-eat creamy melody right away from New-Zealand… somewhere between Weezers’ catchy hooks  and a convulsing Pinback…

13 invisibletwinInvisible Twin : Best kept Secret (Le Grand Magistery)

The utmost delicate love song from the ex-Shoestrings duo, taken from the "A very Magistery Valentine" comp         

14 tillmannsTillmanns : Heavy Rotation (Fraction Discs)

Early 80's hypnotic down beat whine...this great single has been in heavy rotation indeed

14 aftersAfter-school Sports : Wind Up (Cosy Den Recordings)

Melodrama song on light comedy DIY music                                                                                                            

16 daring girlHomecoming Party : Daring Girl (Unreleased)

This song is sticking into my head and making me giddy...haven't heard something so hypnotizing since ages !

17 daysDays : Downhill (Shelflife)

An endlessly postoned single that hounded us all year long...                                                                                       

18 mike1Mike in Mono : Euro Eccentric (Static Caravan)

"Electronic analogue pop fudge, with underwater vocoder vocals... It truly is as catchy as turkey cough... Think a casio Debussy no less."                                                                

19 sucrette

Sucrette : Love & Whistle (Autoproduced)

Pure modernism and innocence from this Kyoto duo...Prends ta sucrette, darling, c'est si bon !                 

20 little nameLittle Name : How to Swim and Live (Sleepy Records)

Broken hearts, horns, reverie, sparkling guitars, outmoded melody ...this is what it's all about : a step forward in the pursuit of happiness !

21 DondoloDondolo : J'ai deux amours (La bulle sonore)

Mylène Farmer meets Jacno meets Casino Music...of course it's French and of course it's "trop trop bien"


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Where is La Casa Azul ?

Écrit par : Jaime | 03/01/2008

Well, Fitness Forever is kind of a La Casa Azul sustitute ;)
Hurry up for the contest, I received 14 right answers so far !

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