Danish Pastries


While reading about  the forthcoming debut  essay from promising danish band Northern Portrait on Matinée Records site, I realized how much I came accross many other talents from Denmark lately, so here are some videos and links of what I could think of :

The Elephants : "5 Minutes". Fresh Danish buzz !

Tiger Baby " Noise around me". My all-time danish favourites in a live perfomance at Privatclub in Berlin this Summer

Rumskib : "Love at first Sight" from their wonderful dream pop eponym album. Remember Lush, Curve, MBV ? This is what it's all about ! Mmmm love this vid from Godard's "Alphaville"with Anna Karina !

Figurines : "Let's head out", excellent first single from their latest album on Morningside Records

Oh no Ono : "The Shock of the real". Also on Morningside Records, these guys are so funny and decadent !

Also check Oliver North Choir Boy , De Agtige (super 8bit/casio pop !) and Labrador !!

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What about Rasmus ? Ha ha ha !!!

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