Fireflies : "Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon" LP (Lavender, Music is my Girlfriend) + "Snowstorm" EP (Twentyseven Records)

"My memory brought me thoughts of you, of me, and of you and me. I Thought of the cherry blossoms in spring. Our hearts fluttered and our eyelashes batted often beneath those quiet trees. Our love was like a dinosaur. We trembled in its presence and no distance was too far for its colossal legs. But your plane landed like a meteor, and now the dinosaur is missing, but not forgotten. My recollection, like some congested museum, proudly displays its skeleton.

I stood there for a while, thinking the breeze on your mountaintops was maybe strong enough to carry you, but as the afternoon carried on, I decided to take a walk back down into the valley. I wanted to be home before dark. I like to watch the sun set into the earth an the stars rise into the sky. It's one thing we can still share."

=> Fireflies : "Summer has gone"

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