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-What's the point in making a cute drawing on paper while you can cut and paste a picture from Google image search ?

-What's the point in enumerating the records you're listening to when you can make a playlist on last.fm or radio.blog ?

-What's the point in using a typewriter when you can write, correct and re-write your text with any police and colour on your computer ?

-What's the point in paying for a paper zine while you just have to follow the links and download full albums (!!) for free on some mp3-blogs ?

brGetting the latest Bottle Rocket zine (issue n°5 already in one year time!) will definitely give you some clues !!

This great issue is including interviews with California Snow Story and The Pains of being pure at Heart,  an interesting article on Grimsey record label, some reviews (Georgie James, Vampire Weekend, Shout out Louds and Jens lekman) and a lot more stuff

=> Get it HERE and check the previous issues as well !

Katy (BR brain) and I agreed to publish the "Pains of being pure at Heart" interview herebelow in its original design, which is also a prelude to further collaborations with other paperzines in both directions !!!

Long life to Bottle Rocket !!!!


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Yes ! It's a very nice Fanzine!

hé hé I like the way she transcribed the The Watoo Watoo messenger interview ;)

Oh, and the Europe travelling story is good too.

Well, I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Écrit par : Eric | 18/01/2008

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